The Basics

The California Film Commission only Issues permits for filming on State property. 

  • For other jurisdictions please see our list of Regional Film Or you can search for other jurisdictions here. For jurisdictions in the 30 Mile Zone in Southern California see this list.
  • If you haven’t found your location or need a location contact, check our CinemaScout location library database: Location Search – CinemaScout (reel- com).
  • All state permit applications must be submitted at least four (4) business days / 96 hours (weekends and holidays are not considered business days) prior to the first prep/shoot Applications that include the use of a Drone must be submitted at least 7 business days in advance. Caltrans ramp and lane closures require a minimum of at least twelve (12) business days in advance of prep/shoot; freeway closures require a minimum of sixteen (16) business days.

Permits for State property fall into 3 categories:

click on the links below for guidelines and information on each.

  • Caltrans: For filming on State Highways & Freeways and all Caltrans owned or operated Buildings and Facilities.
  • State Parks: For filming at all State Parks and Beaches and other State Recreation Areas and Off-Highway Recreation Areas.
  • Buildings & Facilities: For filming at all other State property, buildings and facilities under the jurisdiction of a State Agency such as Water Resources, Fish & Wildlife, General Services, Corrections & Rehabilitation, State Lands, Exposition Park, etc.

Permit Application

Caltrans, Highways & Freeways
State Parks and Beaches
Buildings and Facilities
Filming With Drones
Insurance Requirements
Permit & Monitor Fees
CA Highway Patrol
State Fire Marshal

Permit Statistics

Statistics for 2023. Data is updated yearly.

safety helicopter

Production Safety

California is the leader in production safety. Learn safety protocols for pyrotechnics and filming with helicopters and drones.

Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions

Buildings – Permit Application

CalTrans – Permit Application

State Parks – Permit Application

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