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The California Film Commission is your one-stop resource for film, TV, and commercial production across the Golden State. California is home to the entertainment industry … and for good reason. We have the best weather (315 days of sunshine), wildly diverse locations (from 840 miles of coastline to vast desert sand dunes), highly skilled crews and the best production infrastructure.

Our vast array of tools and resources will help you navigate all sorts of production issues, from work permits to on-set safety. Find links and contact info for relevant government agencies, industry associations, guilds and unions, production directories, entertainment job listings and more. Find useful charts for studio zones weather and college locations to name a few.

We look forward to helping you make your next project in California a success!

Message from the Executive Director

Our Commitment to Growing California’s Film/TV Production Industry Has Never Been Stronger!

On July 10, 2023, Governor Newsom signed legislation to extend and expand California’s Film and TV Tax Credit Program for an additional five years through 2030-31. This decisive action will directly create an estimated 60,000 production jobs and $10 billion in related investment across the state.

The fourth-generation tax credit program (Program 4.0) demonstrates California’s commitment to retaining our status as the media production capital of the world. It is a vital and necessary tool to keep and grow production here at home, where it belongs.

In all, California’s Film and TV production industry supports well over 700,000 jobs and nearly $70 billion in wages for in-state workers. It is an economic engine that powers everything from production employment and tourism to our extraordinary creative spirit.

In addition to the five-year extension, Program 4.0 will make tax credits refundable, opening the program to a broader range of applicants and generating even more jobs, spending and opportunity. Another key aspect of Program 4.0 is its enhanced focus on workforce training, diversity and inclusion. Several expanded and new features will create opportunities for individuals from underserved communities. The goal is to help reduce economic, geographic and social barriers to career access and success. There are also specific policies for addressing harassment and increasing industry representation of women and monitories.

I’m proud to report that California is committed to offering the film/TV production industry the best value, as well as the best values.

The team here at the California Film Commission is ready to assist in making your next project a success!

Colleen Bell, Executive Director
California Film Commission

colleen bell

Spotlight California Sizzle Reel

Filmmaker Feedback

“I’m thrilled to be shooting in my home state of California. Not only was I born and raised here, but, as everyone knows, the California Raisins were a major creative influence, which I think will definitely rub off on this production.”


Andy Samberg, Producer & Star
Independent Feature, Palm Springs

“We’re thrilled to shoot the newest ‘Star Trek’ series in Los Angeles, where we can take advantage of California’s terrific crews, amazing range of locations and friendly business climate that welcomes and celebrates filmmakers of all kinds. Thanks to the California Film Commission’s help, we can bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars back to the best production facilities on earth.”


James Duff, Executive Producer
Star Trek Series

“Our ‘Rim of the World’ director McG was determined to film at Mammoth Lakes to feature the wonderful unmolested scenery. In the end, he did just that… and It makes for an epic opening that sets the mood perfectly. The setting in Mono County was exceptional, as were all of the cast and crew members. Most notably, Mammoth Lakes Resorts and the National Forest Service were super helpful, generous and accommodating.”


Bruce Gilles, Line Producer/UPM
Rim of the World
Location 2024

Location California 2024

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