Pilot Career Pathways Training Program

Applicants selected to participate in the tax credit program are required to make a financial contribution to fund a Pilot Career Pathways Training Program for individuals from underserved communities to receive training for careers in the industry.

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Ensure CA has a trained workforce needed to support the entertainment industry.

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Improve the preparedness for film industry-related careers.

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Attract new and diverse talent.

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Create a pathway which will make it easier for job seekers to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Entry Level Production Accounting Course

The California Film Commission Pilot Career Pathways Program is excited to announce the Entry-Level Production Accounting Course. The course equips students throughout California with the skills and connections to obtain an entry-level position in TV & Film Production Accounting. The 7-week, distance learning opportunity successfully graduated 59 participants in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. The course is supported by projects in the California Film & TV Tax Credit Program and is FREE to all those accepted. For course details or questions on how to apply, please contact CFC partner IATSE Training Trust Fund.

Contribution Requirements

Approved applicant’s contribution shall be 0.25% of the estimated tax credit allocation, as verified on the CAL. The contribution must be made within 10 business days after the CAL date; failure to comply with this requirement may result in revocation of tax credits. A Pilot Skills Training Program Advisory Board and the CFC oversee the program with the assistance of a non-profit agent which manages the transaction of funds and training providers.

Mentorship Program

A veteran craftsperson with the IATSE, the Teamsters, or the DGA interested in volunteering as a mentor for the next generation of Film and TV workers? We need to hear from you! The Career Pathways Program will match you with a mentee and be available to support and guide you on your mentoring journey.

Career Pathway

The Pilot Skills Career Pathways Program funds provide life-skills training to individuals from underserved communities accepted through approved training providers. The Program funds approved community partners providing hands-on training, including life and professional skills for industry and union positions listed below.

Pilot Skills Training Program
  • Accounting Clerk / Assistant Accountant (Local 871)
  • Assistant Editor (Local 700)
  • Cinematography / Camera Loader (Local 600)
  • Costume Manufacturing (Local 705)
  • Greens (Local 44)
  • Grip / Craftservice (Local 80)
  • Production Coordinator (Local 871)
  • Production Assistant
  • Props (Local 44)
  • Set Dressing / Decoration (Local 44)
  • Set Lighting (Local 728)
  • Set Painting (Local 729)
  • Sound & Video (Local 695)
  • Stagecraft (Local 33)
  • Upholstery / Drapery (Local 44)
  • Virtual Production Specialist
Important Information
  • Annual Program funded through year 2025.
  • Recruitment from underserved communities through approved community partners.
  • Goal to diversify and increase talent in industry.
  • Train to fill entry level positions in television and film.
  • Provide hands-on training by working professionals.
  • Includes life skills training, such as financial literacy, networking, resume building, interview skills, computer literacy.
  • Provide industry mentor(s) to students to help encourage and facilitate their careers.
  • Upon completion of Program requirements, provide entry into appropriate union.

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