Instructions for Listing Locations in CinemaScout

To list a commercial or public property on CinemaScout, follow the steps below to submit your property. To revise a current listing, you may also use this form to submit updates and/or images.

Please contact Jennifer Jackson at 1-800-858-4749 if you have any questions or experience any issues before contacting Reel-Scout support staff.

Step One Navigate to the CinemaScout Location Submission / Update Tool from this page.
Step Two Fill in complete location details. Include a physical description of the location in the Location Description field.
Step Three Use the Location Description and Usage Restriction fields to list all Categories and Keywords for indexing. These selected terminology will highlight the amenities and facilities offered at the location. All data submitted is category and keyword searchable. Tip: Review other locations listed in CinemaScout for inspiration.
Step Four Fill in complete contact details. Any backup contacts may be listed in the Location Description or Usage Restriction fields. All details will be rearranged by CFC staff for correct formatting.
Step Five For location photo details, list the date taken of each set of photos. If unknown use the date uploaded.
Step Six Provide the name of the photographer for photo credit if known, or the film commissioner name.
Step Seven

Click the Choose Files button to select location photos. You may upload up to a maximum of twenty ​images per submission. File requirements are as follows:

– Photos must be in JPEG format
– Recommended file size between 1MB and 3 MB for each photo, (maximum file size: 10 MB)
– 1680 × 1050 resolution (or higher) recommended

Note: Images provided should showcase as much visual information as possible about the exterior and interior look of the film location. All images should be free from displaying people or posed models.

Step Eight

Click the Upload & Submit Location button.

Note: This could take several minutes depending upon the number of images, image file sizes, and Internet connection speed.

A link to the completed listing(s) will be sent to you for your final approval.

Thank you for your support of the California film industry!

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