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The CFC’s Location Professionals List includes names and street addresses of over 300 freelance location managers, location scouts, and location assistants in the motion picture production industry. You can obtain this list by sending a request to the address below, or by visiting the CFC office. After you create a brochure with photographs of your property, mail it to everyone on the list. A follow-up postcard can be sent later in the year. Please remember to send a copy to the California Film Commission’s Location Resource Center.

Brochures can take the form of oversized postcards or tri-fold / Z-fold flyers printed on both sides with a mailing address block so no envelope is necessary. We have also seen materials sent in a clear plastic envelope. When creating brochures, various templates may be found online, assistance may be obtained at businesses that offer printing services, and additional resources found at your local library. For ideas, please see our sample brochures below.

To obtain the mailing list or labels, please send a check payable to:

ATT’N: Location Professionals List
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 900
Hollywood, CA 90028

Cost: $5.00 list only / $50.00 pre-printed labels. Include your return mailing address. 

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Use the LA411 and LMGI production directories displayed below in the gold banner to find emails of location professionals to build an email distribution list. Currently the CFC is unable to provide email addresses although we are working to do so in the future.

It is best to engage the professional photography services of a location professional from these listings to photograph a portfolio of your property for posting to CinemaScout and other location scouting resources.


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