Location Resource Center

The Center
The Location Resource Center, aka Location Library, provides producers and filmmakers with access to a wide variety of location and production services.

Computer Access
The Center has public computers with Internet access, telephones, and copiers to help you research your next film project. CinemaScout, an online location tool displaying over 40,000 California images, is searchable by category, keyword, and region.

Production Reference Collection
The Center also offers a multitude of reference materials highlighting the unique attributes of California including books on architecture, geography, and natural terrain.

Location Experts
Location staff is available onsite at the Center to assist filmmakers with location needs. Staff services include finding difficult site matches to identifying property owners of hard to reach locations.

Visit the Center
The Center is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Friendly staff are available to assist producers and filmmakers during these hours and appointments are not necessary. The Center can be reached by contacting Lee Bowdle at 323.860.2960 x122 / jbowdle@film.ca.gov or Lisa Mosher at 323.860.2960 x123 /lmosher@film.ca.gov.